North Shore Cottages

Oyster Garth

The beautiful James Hubbell designed blue wrought-iron gates beckon you into the quiet garden space of the Oyster Garth. A "garth" was the innermost, enclosed garden found in medieval monasteries, accessible only to the monks. The "garth" provided a peaceful place for contemplation, study and private prayer. Our garth features raised stone beds of roses, delphinium, hollyhock, and quince, with a stately Japanese bellflower tree gracing the center of this enclosed garden. Each sinuous cedar fence-post surrounding the garden is crowned with its own unique bird house (most signed by the artist). Wooly thyme now covers much of the stone-work floor, but there is a pink-hued labyrinth tracing its way around the garth, inviting you to take a measured, meditative walk toward a romantic wooden swing. Of course, this is the twenty-first, not the fourteenth, century, so not only do delicate mushroom lights illumine this space at night, there are also several electrical outlets to keep your computer working, even while your mind and feet may wander. This makes an ideal outdoor seminar space (in surroundings similar to the way Aristotle or Plato conducted their "seminars"). Some of the most idyllic wedding receptions have also been held in Oyster Garth.